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105 Vasco da Gama Piosenki & amp; Piłka nożna Chants

Gra w Brasileiro Série A, Brazil w piłce nożnej

70 I'm Bohemian Yes Sir (With a Band) Music composed by Yuri Kebian of organized supporters 'Warriors of the Admiral', talks about the bohemian side of football in Rio, including the most illustrious Vasco da Gama Listy odtwarzania
308 Ole Dale Vasco Classic chant from Vasco fans. Listy odtwarzania
704 I'm IRA Jovem Fan chants insulting other teams fans. Listy odtwarzania
817 The Boiling Cauldron Jumps... Listy odtwarzania
1609 Thiago Feltri! Greeting to the Right BackThiago Feltri Listy odtwarzania
2792 Mulambo, Tell Me How You Feel Vasco version of an Argentinian chant.Mulambo is an African term that was incorporated in Brazilian portuguese to talk about dirty people, that wear dirty clothes. In here Mulambo refer to Flamengo fans. Listy odtwarzania
3489 Big Club from the Hill Vasco fans version of "Uni-duni-te", a song for kids from a TV host called Xuxa. Listy odtwarzania
4367 Alessandro! For the Goalkeeper Listy odtwarzania
5064 Hey Hey, Juninho Is Our King! Chant for Vasco idol Juninho Pernambucano Listy odtwarzania
5760 Rodolfo! The Midfielder Listy odtwarzania
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5803 Vasco da Gama Anthem Official Vasco da Gama Anthem Listy odtwarzania
6072 Sao Januário Meu Caldeirao Vasco De Gama in full voice Listy odtwarzania
6457 Ole Eder Chant for the player Eder. Just like this one, the fans chant for all the main players of the team. Listy odtwarzania
6944 The Bondinho Rage Vasco ultras chant, teasing their rivals: Independente and Gaviões Listy odtwarzania
7153 Fernando Prass Great Player Listy odtwarzania
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